Onkar Infotech,

was founded in the year 2000 and in less than a decade has grown to become a leading travel call centre / BPO managing end to end business processes outsourced from its clients based out of its principal target market - the UK. Onkar Infotech's core competence lies in successfully handling air travel business processes including air reservations, hotel reservations, car rentals, travel insurance, holiday packages etc outsourced from reputed travel houses in the UK. Apart from handling consumer-travel based business processes, Onkar Infotech has also endeavored and proved highly successful in managing end to end corporate-travel projects outsourced from reputed travel management companies. Onkar Infotech aims to provide its clients with the finest travel process management services with superlative customer service. With extensive travel industry experience, a brand new and highly impressive 24x7 customer contact centre, in-house training and development team and talented human resources, Onkar Infotech seeks to deliver a high degree of customer satisfaction on every interaction with leisure and business customers of our clients.

Why Join Onkar

A Leading Travel business process outsourcing company with over 1000 skilled professionals - and rising, Onkar Infotech offers exciting career paths for both recent graduates and experienced professionals. Our work culture embraces employee focus, a strong work ethic, operational transparency and teamwork.

  • Employer of choice in travel industry.
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Career Advancement Opportunities


"Talented youth and experienced professionals are key assets of the company. Fun, learn and earn are three goals of every employee under the roof of Onkar Infotech"